*How do I set up a customer account on the website?

 Just click the "My Account" button next to the trolley icon at the top of the page. Setting up an account is very easy.

How to keep items in my shopping cart?

Therefore,you need to sign in a online account, You can log in to the site at the beginning of your visit, and any items added to the basket will remain there for next time you log in.If you are not logged into your account, all items placed in the shopping basket will remain there for a short time.

 *If I send in an email request, how soon can I expect a response?

We will make every effort to respond to email requests on our website within 24 hours.

 *My Jardineer product has broken a fault, can you help me?

If the product was purchased less than 12 months ago, remove the wear caused by unconventional use, misuse, or accidental damage.Please contact us. We may offer replacement products for you.

*Do your products provide lifetime warranty?

Jardineer’s product do not have a lifetime guarantee.Once the evaluation determines the quality problem, we will replace the defective product.If the product is damaged or malfunctions due to consumer misuse, that is, the product is not used as intended, it will not be replaced


Product Questions


  • Garden Arch

*What is a garden trellis, and what is its use?

A garden trellis is a framework designed to support climbing plants and flowers. It can be used to create beautiful vertical garden features, define spaces, add privacy, and increase growing area, especially in smaller gardens. Garden trellis can be used for both decorative purposes and plant support.

 *What materials are commonly used for garden trellises?

Our Garden Arch Trellises are expertly crafted using durable and weather-resistant materials, primarily high-quality metal. This choice of material ensures exceptional longevity and reliability, allowing our trellises to withstand various outdoor conditions.

Moreover, we take pride in our unique approach to design, featuring a distinctive 5-layer rustproof coating. This special coating creates a visually appealing hammer pattern, setting our Garden Arch Trellises apart with an exclusive style that you won't find in other stores.

We prioritize both functionality and aesthetics, offering you trellises that are not only sturdy but also visually striking for your garden or outdoor space.

 *Can I customize the size and design of a garden trellis to suit my specific needs?

We offer a range of sizes and designs for our garden trellises. You can select the one that best suits your garden's dimensions and aesthetic preferences, but product customization is not currently supported and we'll try to develop that.

 *How do I install a garden trellis securely in my garden? 

Each garden arch trellis comes with detailed installation instructions that will guide you through the steps. To securely install our Garden Arch Trellises, we provide ground spikes that can be inserted into the ground to support the upper arch trellis. The trellis also comes with additional hardware for added stability. Most of our customers find the installation process to be manageable and hassle-free.

In case you encounter any difficulties during the installation, our customer support team is always ready to assist you. You can reach us via email at customer-service@jardineer.com. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and will be happy to provide any additional guidance or answer any questions you may have.

 *What types of plants are suitable for growing on a garden trellis? 

Garden arches are perfect for growing climbing or vining plants, offering them a beautiful structure to climb and flourish upon. Common choices for plants on a garden arch include roses, clematis, ivy, peas, cucumbers, and many more. It's important to consider the mature size and weight of the plant when selecting a trellis to ensure proper support.

We also have a blog post that introduces the top 10 climbing plants suitable for garden arch trellises. If you're interested, click to read the article and discover the recommended plants!

 *How do I attach plants to a garden trellis and ensure proper support?

 Depending on the plant, you can use soft ties, plant clips, or twine to gently secure the stems or tendrils to the trellis. Regularly check the attachment points and adjust as the plants grow, ensuring proper support and preventing damage.

 *How do I clean and maintain a garden trellis to ensure its longevity?

Our garden arch trellises are constructed from weather-resistant materials, specifically designed to withstand various outdoor conditions. However, during long-term weather events, it may be necessary to take additional measures to protect your garden arch.

To maintain your trellis's longevity, we recommend regularly inspecting it for any debris or plant residue. Gently clean the trellis using mild soap and water, using a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the finish or the trellis itself.

By practicing proper maintenance and cleaning, you can help extend the lifespan of your garden arch trellis and keep it looking its best for years to come.

 *What are the shipping costs and delivery times?

 Free shipping on orders over $120, and delivery times vary based on location and order size, generally 4-10 days. For any further questions about shipping or delivery, please feel free to contact our customer service team.


  • Metal Garden Bed

*What are at-ground-level metal garden beds, and how do they differ from raised garden beds?

   - At-ground-level metal garden beds are planting containers made of durable metal materials like galvanized steel or color plate/steel. Unlike raised beds, they are installed directly on the ground, offering a sleek and modern alternative for gardening.

 *What are the advantages of using at-ground-level metal garden beds for gardening?

   - At-ground-level metal garden beds provide a seamless integration with the landscape and allow for easy access to plants without the need to climb raised edges. They offer excellent drainage, durability, and resistance to pests. Additionally, our metal garden beds are 100% recyclable, contributing to eco-conscious gardening practices.

 *Can I install at-ground-level metal garden beds myself, or do they come pre-assembled?

   - Most at-ground-level metal garden beds come in straightforward assembly kits with detailed instructions. DIY installation is typically simple and doesn't require special tools.

 *Are at-ground-level metal garden beds suitable for all types of plants and vegetables?

   - Yes, at-ground-level metal garden beds can accommodate various plants and vegetables, providing a convenient growing space with ample root depth for healthy plant growth.

 *How do I maintain at-ground-level metal garden beds to ensure their longevity?

   - Maintaining at-ground-level metal garden beds is generally easy. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water keeps them looking fresh. Proper drainage and removing debris help extend their lifespan.

 *Do at-ground-level metal garden beds get too hot in the sun, affecting plant growth?

   - Metal garden beds can absorb heat, but the temperature difference between at-ground-level beds and raised beds is minimal. The metal used is often coated to regulate temperature, reducing potential heat-related issues.

 *Can I relocate at-ground-level metal garden beds around my garden easily?

   - Yes, at-ground-level metal garden beds are relatively lightweight, making them portable and easy to reposition within your garden as needed.

 *Are at-ground-level metal garden beds durable and weather-resistant?

   - Absolutely! At-ground-level metal garden beds are designed to withstand various weather conditions, and the galvanized steel or color plate/steel used ensures their resistance to rust and decay. Additionally, they are 100% recyclable, supporting sustainable gardening practices.


  • Tools caring

*How do I look after my tools?
All tools should be store in a dry place,away from damp.Keep the tools as sharp as possible.We recommend you regulary sharping by professional steps.Sharp blades are good for the health of plants

*What should I do to care for my pruning tools?
Lightly oil blades for longer product life,Wipe clean after each use to prevent sap heap up.Tighten the screws regularly to extend the life of your tool

*Do you have a repair service?
Yes,If one of these tools develops a fault we are happy to replace it free of charge.

*My scissors are rusty, how can I restore it?
Try using good oil,clean and sharpen shears.At first,use old rag to clean the shears,and with the help of sharping steel to return the blade to its original sharpness.