Our vision

Jardineer makes everything joyful , whether you're a beginner or an advanced gardener, you can enjoy taking care of the garden yourself. We hope that people can buy their favorite gardening tools and use them to create their own green world.Jardineer in line with the love of gardening, looking for better gardening tools, making people's gardening life more beautiful, making everyone's garden have more attractive vision, gardening enthusiasts have a special love for the garden, into the design of gardening tools, to help you better take care of your garden.


Since 1975

A trip to Jardineer began in 1975 with the mission of providing affordable and quality garden tools for people who love gardening and garden scenery. Depending on our six founders'15 years of industry experience and love of gardening, we are constantly looking for better tools, constantly pursuing innovation, trying a large number of assembly methods, tool design and size repeated experiments, good at product development, Ensure that Jardineer goods in the market have excellent quality.Companies that have flourished since 1996. The local people's government has awarded contracts and trustworthy units. Confirm that the enterprise is "The new century Chinese enterprise AAA level" strong economic strength, with good corporate image and honest and reliable reputation, promote the enterprise to a higher level of development. From the beginning of the establishment to now,It has become the leading local horticultural tools manufacturers. Our heritage is of great importance to us, our experience and our history make our tools so special, and we have been growing.


Brand New Development

As the famous british horticulturist put it :" Love of gardening is the seed that once sown, never wither."We have gone a long way to provide inspiration for gardens around the world, and we intend to continue this love.We will turn Jardineer into a direct customer brand in 2021, go online Jardineer the official website, and build meaningful and lasting contacts with our final customers based on good garden products and professional technical team resources. We hope to have the most direct feedback from consumers so that we can solve their actual needs more directly. I hope we can bring together people who love gardening and share their stories and experiences with the garden. We are also committed to supporting new horticulturists through our blog and educational contact. In this way, Jaedineer Garden Tools can help more people have a happier gardening life and feel the magic and charm of the garden.