Vintage Floral Garden Tool Set

3PCS Vintage Floral Garden Tool Set

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    SKU: US3-3046
    Tags: garden kneeler, Gardening set, Gloves, outdoor,

    Floral garden tool set includes a garden kneeling pad to protect your knees and clothes while working in the garden. It also includes trowels, and a pair of gloves, all made with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Our garden tool set can bring surprises to everyone who loves gardening.


    • Protects knees while weeding and planting
    • Large 16" X 8.3" X 2" thicken kneeler
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Built-in handle for storage
    • Durable trowel made with hardened carbon steel
    • Multi-functional foam mat for indoor and outdoor use
    • Perfect for gardening, festivals, picnics, and sports events
    • Comes with a pretty gift box featuring a botanical print
    • Ideal gift for women on any occasion

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      • Garden Kneeling Pad:
      • 16" X 8.3" X 2"
      • Garden Trowel:
      • 13.5"
      • Gardening Gloves
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