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*How do I set up a customer account on the webseite?

 Just click the "My Account" button next to the trolley icon at the top of the page. Setting up an account is very easy.

 *How to keep items in my shopping cart?

Therefore,you need to sign in a online account,you can log in to the site at the beginning of your visit, and any items added to the basket will remain there for next time you log in.If you are not logged into your account, all items placed in the shopping basket will remain there for a short time.

 *If I send in an email request, How soon can I expect a response?

We will make every effort to respond to email requests on our website within 24 hours.

 *My Jardineer product has broken a fault, can you help me?

If the product was purchased less than 12 months ago,Remove the wear caused by unconventional use, misuse or accidental damage.Please contact us we.We may offer replacement products for you.

*Where are the products made?

The products are manufactured in southern China.We spend a lot of time in the factory to monitor production problems,We make sure the product are manufactured in high quality standards.

*Do your products provide lifetime warranty?

Jardineer’s product do not have a lifetime guarantee.Once the evaluation determines the quality problem, we will replace the defective product.If the product is damaged or malfunctions due to consumer misuse, that is, the product is not used as intended, it will not be replaced


Tools caring


*How do I look after my tools?
All tools should be store in a dry place,away from damp.Keep the tools as sharp as possible.We recommend you regulary sharping by professional steps.Sharp blades are good for the health of plants

*What should I do to care for my pruning tools?
Lightly oil blades for longer product life,Wipe clean after each use to prevent sap heap up.Tighten the screws regularly to extend the life of your tool

*Do you have a repair service?
Yes,If one of these tools develops a fault we are happy to replace it free of charge.

*My scissors are rusty, how can I restore it?
Try using good oil,clean and sharpen shears.At first,use old rag to clean the shears,and with the help of sharping steel to return the blade to its original sharpness.


Have a question about product?


*How to adjust the 63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake?

 At the top of the tine fan there is a yellow lever. Just pull the lever and slide the rake head as you want. Then flip the lever back to lock the position. Hope this will help.


*I need a leaf rake for my garden, should not pull out my plant roots. will the 63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake work?

 Yes. it's a perfect garden rake for leaves. It will collect leaves efficiently without hurting your plants or lawns.


*Can I adjust the blade pressure?

 Yes, there is a hand adjustable tension knob which allows you to adjust the blade pressure for different trimming.


*Will these shears cut through an ivy overgrown over a concrete slab / cistern ?

 This hedge shears set can trim ivy, but it depends on the thickness of ivy. The blades of hedge clippers are sharp, but it is more suitable to trim twigs less than 1/4’’. For the branches which thicker than 1/4’’, you can use the pruners. This is a perfect garden shears set.


*Can I fit a plastic bag inside the pop up yard waste bag?

 Yes, a 30 gallon bag


*Will the fabric stand up to the weather, especially to sun light, and not degrade?

 Would not recommend leaving it out in the weather....would last longer if u don’t


*Is the 8Pcs Garden tool set suitable for women? I want to buy this for mother

 Purchased this as a gift for a woman and was not disappointed. I didn't want to purchase something silly and fru-fru and pink so this fit the bill, without being too touch and masculine. Tools are sturdy but lightweight (and the gloves are surely intended for a woman).

I have a great idea for a feature! How can I suggest it?
The best place to start is sending an e-mail to our address include your email location and phone at your message so that we can serve you well.( What point in the ordering process is causing you trouble? What items are you trying to order?The fault in the ordering process ...)We are happy to assist you~